Gin Workshop

“First you take a drink,” American novelist F Scott Fitzgerald once said of gin, his poison of choice, “then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.”

Instead of throwing back gin rickeys like Fitzgerald or any of his famously thirsty characters, embrace the finer points of the spirit experiencing a renaissance at a tasting with Nathan Baggs, the Club’s beverage director.

Featuring five gins from the British Isles, Iceland and one bottled at Suntory’s craft distillery in Osaka, the tasting will include a menu of perfect pairings, such as juniper and salmon pinchos, marsala chicken tempura and lamb sliders with cucumber and mint relish.

Fitzgerald famously preferred gin for its supposed lack of detectability on his breath, but the craft concoctions available at this evening are sure to delight so much that not even Fitzgerald would care if his old chaps could tell what he’d been sipping.

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