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With its iconic glass dome, the Club's rooftop swimming pool, the Sky Pool, hosts a plethora of programs and annual meets for adults and children.

The year-round, six-lane, 25-meter pool, which boasts stunning views of Tokyo Tower and even Mount Fuji on clear days, is also a popular spot for dedicated early-morning lap swimmers and those looking to unwind with a book on the sun deck.

And since the specially designed roof blocks out more than 99 percent of UV rays, Members don't need to use excessive sunblock while swimming.

The Sky Pool caters to all swim abilities through a range of programs, from learning the basics for the first time to enhancing your stroke for fun or in preparation for a swim event or triathlon.

Aqua Fitness, meanwhile, is the ultimate morning pick-me-up for those who want a high-intensity workout that doesn't place stress on the joints.

Experienced triathletes looking for training partners or Members in search of a new challenge can join the E3 Fit Swim Program, which uses the Sky Pool as its base. Contact the Sky Pool Office for details.

The Sky Pool's team of professional instructors and coaches can guide children through every stage of swim development, from their first contact with water in the Parents and Tots class through group or private lessons.

Kids wishing to improve their technique and fitness while gaining confidence and race experience can join the Mudsharks, the Club's dynamic swim team program.

The program, which includes Mudsharks Group lessons for ages 4 to 7 and five senior stages, develops participants' swim skills and camaraderie through regular fun training sessions and swim meets.

Check the Mudsharks swim meet calendar.

Ages 5 and under can enjoy water in a safe environment at a vibrant-colored splash pool and water slide while moms and dads catch a few rays nearby.

A guardian must be present at the Kid’s Water Park at all times.

Daily: 5:45am–sunset
Winter: closed from Oct 27

Sky Pool Manager
Haldane Henry
Qualifications: PADI-certified scuba instructor; American Red Cross-certified Lifeguard instructor; Austswim-certified swim instructor

Mudsharks Coach
Simon Hadlow
Qualifications: Australian level one-certified coach; former Australian junior swim team assistant coach; former Australian national- and state-level open swimmer; former Western Australia grand prix team member; former Commonwealth Games and World Aquatics Championships trialist

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Benni Edriansyah

Qualifications: Swim Australia-certified instructor; swim and water safety instructor

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Yasuko Hadlow
Japan Physical Education Association-certified swim coach and baby swim coach

Swim Instructor
Masa Hamanaka
Qualifications: Japan Swimming Federation-certified swim coach

Swim Instructor
Lisa Miyasugi

Qualifications: Japan Swimming Federation Open-Water Swimming Committee-certified member and swim instructor; former national open-water swim champion; 2008 Beijing Olympics trialist

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Marcin Nowakowski
Qualifications: Polish Swimming Federation-certified swim instructor; multiple national and regional championship medalist; Polish national team member at 2005 European Lifesaving Championships

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Mack Shibazaki

Qualifications: Red Cross-certified swim instructor; National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association-certified advanced personal trainer

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Farid Stas

Qualifications: Aquatic Sport Federation-certified instructor; International Life Saving Federation-certified lifeguard

Swim Instructor
Yumiko Uehara
Qualifications: Swim Australia-certified swim instructor; Japan Swimming Federation-certified instructor; Tokyo Swimming Association-certified swim instructor

Adrijan Bitrak
Adam Keen
Andre Gordon
Antoine Sinclair
Reinaldo Rus

What is the temperature of the Sky Pool water?
The Sky Pool is set at between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius, the recommended maximum temperature for recreational pools. This is warm enough for both comfortable swimming and lounging. If the temperature is too high, there is the potential for bacteria, algae and other organisms to thrive.

Does the Sky Pool glass roof block ultraviolet light?
The glass roof is glazed with a protective coating that blocks 99 percent of ultraviolet light. Swimmers, therefore, do not need to apply sunblock.

Are swim caps mandatory?
Swim caps are not compulsory at the Sky Pool. With so many swimmers at the pool during weekends, the Swim Committee decided that introducing a swim cap requirement might deter regular users.

Can I borrow swimwear?
For reasons of safety and hygiene, the Club does not stock rental swimwear. The Sky Pool Office, however, does sell swimwear and other accessories.

Why is there a guest fee for using the Sky Pool?
Since the Sky Pool area has a limited amount of space, priority is given to Members. Guests are subject to a fee and are limited to two visits a month. Guests fee are listed under Guest Registration.

What is the double-diaper policy?
To maintain a high standard of hygiene while following the recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, children who are not toilet-trained must wear a Club-approved, disposable swim diaper underneath a reusable, elastic-legged and -waisted over-diaper. Both can be purchased at the Sky Pool Office.

How is the water treated after a fecal incident?
The Sky Pool follows a New York State department of health procedure when dealing with fecal accidents. The pool is immediately closed and concentrated chlorine (between five and 10 times the normal level in the pool) is added to the water. This process kills most germs and bacteria found in pool water.

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Imperial Succession Ceremonies

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It may take longer than usual to access the Club during this period..