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Comforts of Home INDEPTH | FOCUS

Comforts of Home

With the Club set to host its annual Independence Day celebration, American Members reminisce about summer traditions from back home.

Cannonballs off the diving board. A burst of dust when the baseball smacks the mitt. Lounging in lawn chairs while fireworks crackle in the night sky overhead.

Tundra Run Indepth | Marathon

Tundra Run

What’s the attraction of running in a desolate, Arctic tundra?

The only thing to chill Thierry Cohen’s ever-present grin has been the Arctic temperatures that froze his eye shut.

Dreaming Big Indepth | Women’s Group

Dreaming Big

With the support of the Club, one researcher is working toward a greener energy future for her home country.

Standing before a packed Club ballroom, decked out in an embroidered jacket native to her Kazakhstan homeland, Saule Zholdayakova recites an African proverb: “When you educate a man, you educate a man. When you educate a woman, you educate a generation.”

Finding My Voice Voice

Finding My Voice

Learning English changed me. I played baseball in high school and didn’t really attend classes, but still I wanted to go to university.

That meant taking examinations and English was one of them. I had to improve my English and found a school that was considered the strictest school in Japan, where speaking Japanese was forbidden.