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Road Thrills INDEPTH | FOCUS

Road Thrills

What’s the mesmerizing appeal of the supercar? Car-crazy Club Members explain.

If you’ve never taken a ride in a Lamborghini, you might consider it for your bucket list. Even those who aren’t devotees of high-end sports cars will find something irresistible about these marvels of automotive engineering.

Esoteric Art INDEPTH | ART

Esoteric Art

American artist Peter Miller abandoned a successful corporate career to pursue an obscure form of printmaking.

From Kamakura Station, go past the Alter Stadt sausage factory, take a right at 1,300-year-old Sugimoto Temple and corkscrew up to a white hilltop house partly concealed by a manicured pomelo tree.

Aromatic Remedy INDEPTH | WELLNESS

Aromatic Remedy

Members suffering from a range of ailments have found welcome relief from The Spa’s sports aromatherapy treatment.

Jennifer Ford was fluffing a duvet when her back clutched at a 45-degree angle. The herniated disk was partly hereditary and partly caused by years of hard snowboarding and aikido training.

Baby Steps in Japan INDEPTH | HEALTHCARE

Baby Steps in Japan

Ahead of this month’s Tokyo: Here & Now orientation program, two Members explain the ins and outs of having a baby in Japan.

As her baby boy stirs, a smiling Lisa Champ leans over him and coos. His birth last year wasn’t easy, with an emergency cesarean section and complications. Months later, David’s six-hour sleeps during the night are a welcome relief for the new mom.