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Places to Party INDEPTH | FOCUS

Places to Party

The combination of eye-catching spaces and professional planning ensures event success at the Club.

Milestone moments. End-of-year blowouts. High-tech corporate forums. Sophisticated soirées. Bowling birthday bashes. Fundraising gala balls. The Club hosts every type of occasion over the course of a year.

Shooting Specialist INDEPTH | BASKETBALL

Shooting Specialist

Set to teach a basketball clinic to Club youngsters, Member Spencer Jennings discusses the highs and lows of forging a career in the game.

Pointing to the three-point line in the Club Gymnasium, Spencer Jennings explains the mechanics of his basketball feat that was something of an Internet hit back in 2008.

Inherited Humanitarianism Six Degrees

Inherited Humanitarianism

Club Member Afifah Yamasaki explains how growing up in a philanthropic family left its mark.

My father was a very religious guy, and charity came first for him every time. If he saw somebody on the street looking for food or something, he would just bring him home. Every day, we had somebody join us.

From Mentored to Mentor INDEPTH | Women's Group

From Mentored to Mentor

Ahead of next month’s Tokyo: Here & Now, one Member extols the benefits of the two-day orientation program.

Christina Schwabecher’s sketchbook captures the essence of Japan in a visual feast of colorful sketches, thoughtful annotations and creative detailing.