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Serving up Christmas INDEPTH | FOCUS

Serving up Christmas

In a country where fried chicken takes center stage on Christmas Eve, Members explain how the Club helps them recreate long-cherished Christmas traditions.

If you wanna be happy in a million ways,” goes the Perry Como classic, “for the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home.”

Power and Poise INDEPTH | SPORTS

Power and Poise

Ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Member Jon Omori reflects on the highs and lows of his gymnastics career.

Accelerating through the air, Jon Omori releases his grip from the bar and, in a blur of fluid flips and twists, drops to the blue mat below. He lands with a thud, feet together and arms thrust upwards. The 7,000 spectators in the Denver Coliseum erupt into applause and cheers, as Omori’s coach offers him a congratulatory hug. 

Different Strokes INDEPTH | ART

Different Strokes

When it comes to curating the Club’s art gallery, the committee in charge embraces its differences.

Opening the glass partitions that separate art from audience in the Club’s Frederick Harris Gallery, the three women take in the prints on display.

From China with Love Six Degrees

From China with Love

Member Betsy Rogers explains how a classmate inspired an enduring fascination with China and the language.

Ellen Yeh sat next to me in the back of the classroom in seventh grade. She would go to Chinese school on weekends and practice writing her characters in class. I would copy the characters and she would explain them to me. And I was, like, “Wait, there’s a whole word in one character?”