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Natural Talent INDEPTH | FOCUS

Natural Talent

Club Member Yuji Gordon talks political dynasty roots, motorcycle accidents and forging a career in TV.

Yuji Gordon lifts the hem of his pants to reveal two purple scars that resemble the puncture marks of a Godzilla-sized stapler.

Samurai-Inspired Art

Samurai-Inspired Art

American artist David Stanley Hewett explains how old-fashioned chivalry informs his works.

David Stanley Hewett recently turned 50, but his faith in the innate goodness of people remains as strong as ever.

Journeys of Body and Mind INDEPTH | Volunteering

Journeys of Body and Mind

Women’s Group volunteer Takako Ueda on how yoga and travel have opened her mind.

Yoga and meditation are as natural to Takako Ueda as dental care. “If I’m going to clean my body, then I should also clean my mind,” she says while explaining how her daily, 40-minute yoga sessions combine both.

Three’s a Charm INDEPTH | Triathlon

Three’s a Charm

Two Club Members explain why one sport just isn’t enough.

Triathlon might inspire images of toned athletes swimming, biking and running their way to Olympic glory, but the sport is drawing growing numbers of older amateurs.