Pure Platinum: Celebrating 70 Years of the Women’s Group

The Club’s Women’s Group celebrates its 70th birthday with a glamorous gala evening to commemorate the group’s illustrious history and contemplate its future.

This lively evening features door and raffle prizes and the launch of the group’s limited-edition, anniversary Club wine set, featuring a special commemorative label.

There will also be a presentation of the slate of candidates for the next Women’s Group board.

Partygoers will then enjoy a fashion showcase of Japan’s iconic kimono through the ages, curated by designer, beauty college principal and Women’s Group member Jane Yamano.

Pure Platinum promises to be a fitting celebration of a dynamic organization and its members who have been supporting, inspiring and nurturing one another and the wider community in Japan for 70 years.

“Here’s to strong women,” says Women’s Group President Heidi Regent.

“May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. Thank you for 70 years.”


  • Women’s Group members & spouses: ¥7,560 (sign-up from 10am on Apr 8)
  • Non-Women’s Group members: ¥9,720 (sign-up from 10am on Apr 15)
  • Adults only
  • Dress code: black tie
  • Women’s Group anniversary Club wine set (Cabernet Sauvignon | Chardonnay): ¥7,560

Sponsored by Rio Caliente Blanco

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