19 Nov 2018

New Board Unveiled

Eight Members were voted onto the Board of Governors in the Club's annual election.

The results of the ballot were announced at the Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 20.

At the first Board meeting following the AGM, Michael Alfant was selected as representative governor. It is his third consecutive one-year term in the role.

In other Board positions, Jesse Green and Anthony Moore were named first and second vice president, respectively, with Betsy Rogers named secretary and Michael Benner continuing in his role as treasurer.

Elected Governors
American Citizens
Michael Benner
Trista Bridges Bivens
Jesse Green
James Mori
Christina Siegel

Japanese Citizens
Tetsutaro Muraki

Other Nationalities
Anthony Moore

Women's Group Representative
Heidi Regent

Club Safety Measures

Please check the Keeping Your Club Safe webpage for the full range of safety measures in effect at the Club, including mandatory reservations for use of recreation facilities.