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29 Jan 2016

Club President Pens Open Letter to ACCJ

The following letter from Club President John Durkin appears in the February issue of the ACCJ Journal, the monthly publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

A Bright Future

When I was elected president of Tokyo American Club (TAC) for the first time, in 2012, the situation at the Club was not good. A sizeable ¥28 billion had been invested in the Club, but the global financial crisis had decimated the Club’s membership count and 2011’s earthquake had aggravated the situation. The Club’s financial condition was precarious.

Since then, things have completely changed. The Club has recorded three consecutive years of strong membership growth and our finances are stable. We expect to soon exceed 4,000 members, the most since the Club’s founding in 1928.

TAC has become more relevant than ever to the lives of the Tokyo international community. This has been one of my main objectives.

We have improved our dining options for both adults and families, and last year we opened an American-style steakhouse, CHOP, modeled on the best venues in New York and Las Vegas. The restaurant promptly won awards of excellence.

Sports and fitness at the Club represent the best in Japan, and our fitness hours have been expanded from early morning to late at night. Lessons and classes with professional instructors are in English. Racket sports, swimming, golf, basketball, volleyball, running, indoor cycling, bowling and many other sports are all available.

We have also introduced frequent, inexpensive social events to bring together the community.

Family is key at TAC, and the Club is an essential hub for many families in Tokyo. It’s a great place to grow up.

With membership approaching capacity, it’s likely to become more difficult to join the Club in the future, both in terms of availability and price.

The purpose of this letter is to reach out to my friends and colleagues in the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) community. The Club still has preferential, excellent-value entrance fees for the international community. Dues are comparable to high-end fitness clubs, but include a broad array of community, dining, social and cultural benefits.

The Club is a nonprofit organization, so any profits go back to the members. Last year, we were able to host free holiday shows and an event for more than 2,000 members and their families.

I would be delighted to personally sponsor any ACCJ members who apply to join the Club.

John Durkin President/Representative Director, Tokyo American Club