10 Mar 2015

Entrance Fees to Rise

The Board of Governors recently approved an increase to the Club's entrance fees to maintain a high level of service at the Club while ensuring sustainable, diverse membership growth.

From July 1, 2015, foreign residents will pay an entrance fee of ¥1.5 million (an increase of ¥300,000) and prospective Japanese Members will pay ¥3.5 million (an increase of ¥500,000).

"With this entrance fee change in mind, this would be a good time to introduce any coworkers or friends to the benefits of Club membership," says Club President John Durkin. "Members who introduce somebody who joins the Club can earn a ¥40,000 voucher for use at the Club."

For details, contact the Membership Office.

Keeping The Club Safe: Coronavirus Update

Tokyo American Club has introduced a series of measures to help safeguard the health of Members, guests and staff.

Learn about the latest actions in an email from Club Representative Governor, Michael Alfant or check the Club website for recent updates.