10 Sep 2020

Board Election Slate Announced

The Board of Governors has approved the slate of candidates for this year's Board election.

The election will be held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting on November 17.

The Nominating Committee-proposed list of candidates is as follows:

  • American Citizens (four to be elected)
        Michael Benner
        Trista Bridges Bivens
        David Hackett
        Lauren Kawasaki
        Joseph Moscato
        Nathan Schmidt
        Christina Siegel
        Jim Weisser
        Michael Van Zandt
  • Japanese Citizens (one to be elected)
        Fumie Iwasa
        Tetsutaro Muraki
  • Other Nationalities (one to be elected)
        Gabriela Mandrea
        Anthony Moore

Call for Other Nominations
Other nominations for governor are being accepted until September 24 (5pm) and must include the signatures of 30 registered Voting Members and a nominee's statement of intent to run and serve a full term. These are to be submitted to the Management Office.

In accordance with Chapter 5, Section 31 of the General Rules, unauthorized electioneering, including written communication to Club Members, other than in official Club election materials, during any election period, is prohibited. Violations by a candidate for governor, upon review and recommendation of the Nominating Committee, may result in the disqualification of the candidate. Proper decorum is expected during the election period.