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Serving up Christmas INDEPTH | FOCUS

Serving up Christmas

In a country where fried chicken takes center stage on Christmas Eve, Members explain how the Club helps them recreate long-cherished Christmas traditions.

If you wanna be happy in a million ways,” goes the Perry Como classic, “for the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home.”

Two-Wheeled Thrills INDEPTH | FOCUS

Two-Wheeled Thrills

Less than two years before Olympic cyclists race one another in Fuji’s shadow, gear-shifting Members explain why nothing beats exploring Japan from the saddle.

Wherever you look in Tokyo, there’s someone on a bike. The metropolis’ sidewalks, streets and paths are full of cyclists. Young, old, business-suited and Lycra-clad, they’re all on wheels, from workaday mamachari shopping bikes to high-end, customized road bikes.

Healing Hands INDEPTH | FOCUS

Healing Hands

The Spa’s professional wellness therapists offer treatments for a range of ailments, from recurring sports injuries to stress-induced aches.

The restorative powers of massage have been understood for centuries. Different forms of hands-on therapy have appeared in cave drawings, texts and paintings of ancient civilizations in Egypt and China as early as 2700 BC. Massage now features in cultures across the globe.

Uncorking Good Times INDEPTH | FOCUS

Uncorking Good Times

With the Club set to host another Seasonal Wine Taste-Off this month, INTOUCH looks at how wine is bringing Members together.

Like the many fine bottles in its collection, the Club’s wine program is improving with age. What began as a niche offering for diners decades ago is now a professional service that encapsulates restaurant wine lists, winemaker dinners and tastings, sommelier guidance, online and in-store offers and wine education.