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Comforts of Home INDEPTH | FOCUS

Comforts of Home

With the Club set to host its annual Independence Day celebration, American Members reminisce about summer traditions from back home.

Cannonballs off the diving board. A burst of dust when the baseball smacks the mitt. Lounging in lawn chairs while fireworks crackle in the night sky overhead.

Paradise Found INDEPTH | FOCUS

Paradise Found

With its tropical climate, stunning scenery and laid-back living, America’s 50th state is a favored second home for a number of Club Members.

Quinn Riordan wasn’t looking for paradise when he began to plan his Tokyo exit.
In 2010, after more than two decades navigating the world of finance and investing in Japan, Riordan and his wife, Rika, began thinking about their next move.

Hitting the Right Note INDEPTH | FOCUS

Hitting the Right Note

The Club’s music tutors and facilities help Members pursue their passion for what American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow described as “the universal language of mankind.”

Three years ago, pianist Kyra Chavali regaled the camera-wielding audience at the Club’s annual concert for music students with a rendition of the children’s song, “Brave Little Indian.”

Offering Help & Hope INDEPTH | FOCUS

Offering Help & Hope

How can decluttering your closet help Tokyo’s most vulnerable? INTOUCH finds out.

Tadashige Fujiwara cups his hands as if peering into a crystal ball and flexes his thick fingers, worn smooth like the concrete blocks he once cemented to the Beppu Bay shoreline. Skin eroded by backbreaking hardship, debt, homelessness and near death.