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Community Calling INDEPTH | FOCUS

Community Calling

Behind any dynamic private club community, you’ll find a dedicated corps of Member volunteers. But what drives them to get involved?

Fifty-one volunteers.

In May 1928, that’s all it took to establish the American Club on the top three floors of the Iwamoto Building in Tokyo’s Yurakucho neighborhood.

Youth Movement INDEPTH | FOCUS

Youth Movement

Age is but a number to the Club’s newest crop of philanthropic talent. But what drives the youth of today to lend a helping hand?

No masks. No hand sanitizer. Just ahead of Tokyo’s state of emergency in April, stores throughout the capital had been picked clean of healthcare necessities.

Nihonbashi Home INDEPTH | FOCUS

Nihonbashi Home

With the Club set to unveil its first satellite facility next year, what can Members expect from this second home away from home?

Is there such a thing as a heart to a city of 14 million? When Tokyo was still Edo, there was.

Into the Wild INDEPTH | FOCUS

Into the Wild

With a conspicuous dearth of foreign tourists in Japan this summer, Members explain how that could be a blessing in disguise for those who venture off the beaten path.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”