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Mashiko Rising INDEPTH | CULTURE

Mashiko Rising

Laid low by the 2011 earthquake, Mashiko rebuilt its world-famous ceramics industry through local fortitude and far-flung support.

As soon as the tremors stopped, Kazumi Otsuka made for the car. The quake had been strong in Gunma Prefecture, but the radio news said it was much worse in neighboring Tochigi.

Cultural Ambassador INDEPTH | CULTURE

Cultural Ambassador

Ahead of St Patrick’s Day on March 17, one Member explains his devotion to the Emerald Isle.

It all started with an ad in the newspaper. Hideki Mimura, the son of a Yokohama potato farmer, was perusing The Japan Times in 1990, when something caught his eye in the classifieds.

Cutting-Edge Quality INDEPTH | CULTURE

Cutting-Edge Quality

Ahead of this month’s Women’s Group tour of Tokyo’s “Kitchen Town,” INTOUCH explores the uniqueness of Japanese knives.

The bustle of Kappabashi Street is different from the nearby tourist spots of Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa’s Senso Temple. Most shoppers in this quarter of east Tokyo are business owners, searching the arcade of small shops for items to kit out their restaurants.

Dohyo Disciple INDEPTH | CULTURE

Dohyo Disciple

Once an everyday sumo fan, Member Ryan Goldstein is now a patron of a wrestlers’ stable.

The young sumo wrestler braces himself as his enormous stablemate barrels into his chest, driving him across the dirt floor of the dohyo practice ring like a football tackling sled.


Club Reopening on June 1

With Tokyo's state of emergency no longer in effect, the Club is currently preparing to reopen select venues and services from June 1.

For more information, please check the Keeping Your Club Safe webpage.