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Different Strokes INDEPTH | ART

Different Strokes

When it comes to curating the Club’s art gallery, the committee in charge embraces its differences.

Opening the glass partitions that separate art from audience in the Club’s Frederick Harris Gallery, the three women take in the prints on display.

Esoteric Art INDEPTH | ART

Esoteric Art

American artist Peter Miller abandoned a successful corporate career to pursue an obscure form of printmaking.

From Kamakura Station, go past the Alter Stadt sausage factory, take a right at 1,300-year-old Sugimoto Temple and corkscrew up to a white hilltop house partly concealed by a manicured pomelo tree.

Neural Inspirations INDEPTH | ART

Neural Inspirations

Tokyo-based painter and scientist Wilf Tilley explains how his twin passions inform his artworks.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor of his one-room art studio in Aoyama, Wilf Tilley slips on a pair of new cotton gloves as white as his lustrous crop of hair and swirls paintbrushes in old tomato cans filled with cleaning fluid.

The Pull of the Palette INDEPTH | ART

The Pull of the Palette

Ahead of exhibiting his artwork at the Club, Member Simon Dalby explains why he swapped spreadsheets
for canvases.

Taking in the sunset from the top of Roppongi Hills one December evening eight years ago, Simon Dalby was suddenly overcome with a desire to capture the scene.