Gallery Exhibition: Kenichi Iwase

Like MacArthur fellows or Nobel laureates, Japan’s living national treasures—craftspeople and performers with intangibly crucial skills in indispensable areas of art, performance and culture—are expected not only to practice their crafts but also train apprentices to pass on their gifts to a new generation.

The late Matsui Kosei was one such national treasure, and Kenichi Iwase was his student.

“I have wanted to make pottery ever since I was born into this world,” Iwase says.

On April 30, Iwase brings his ceramics to the Frederick Harris Gallery for the fifth time.

A mix of combined clays and natural glazes on tea bowls, vases and more lend a sophisticated variety to Iwase’s pieces without sacrificing the centuries of artistic legacy his former teacher espoused.


Gallery Exhibition

  • April 30–May 20


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