Tasting the Pacific Northwest

Find out why the wineries and breweries of Washington and Oregon are taking the world by storm at this showcase of wine and craft beer from across the two states. 

Sample more than 100 wines and brews while learning about the celebrated region from winery and brewery representatives, with opportunities to pick up bottles at exclusive prices.

Grown in the region's sandy, volcanic soil and dry climate in wineries committed to sustainable and organic practices, the evening's wines feature a distinct panache that reviewers routinely place alongside the top blends of Napa Valley. 


"All of this combines to grow grapes that embody the best of both New World and Old World character," says Mickey Dunne, partner at Washington's Badger Mountain Vineyard and Powers Winery.


Add in a selection of vibrant yet laid-back craft beers and a paired spread of roasted salmon pinchos, bruschetta with anchovy, fresh cheeses and more for the best taste of Seattle and Portland this side of the Pacific.

  • New York Ballroom
  • Open to the public


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