Kids' Capoeira (Winter)

Capoeira uniquely blends self-defense moves with dance, acrobatics, music and song.

What will I learn in this class?
Students learn the fundamentals of capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines self-defense with dance, acrobatics and music.

What are the benefits of this class?
Students learn about Brazilian dance rhythms, songs and musical instruments, which all originated from Africa. High-energy classes also help improve fitness, strength and endurance.

Who will teach this class?
Jun Ishibashi is an instructor and level-two professor of Capoeira Batuque Japão and has been practicing capoeira for 16 years.

6–14 yr | Jan 9–Mar 19 | Thu | 5–6pm | 10 classes | Cancel by Jan 9 | ¥25,000

6–14 yr | Apr 2–Jun 12 | Thu | 5–6pm | 9 classes | Cancel by Apr 2 | ¥22,500


  • No class Winter Term: Feb 20
  • No class Spring Term: April 30 and May7
  • Prices exclude consumption tax

Club Reopening on June 1

With Tokyo's state of emergency no longer in effect, the Club is currently preparing to reopen select venues and services from June 1.

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