Mizuhiki Knot Workshop: Hair Decoration

Explore various mizuhiki knot-making techniques as you craft your own hair decoration.

This decorative hair piece looks great with a kimono or a lovely dress.

Please note: students are required to take Mizuhiki Knot Workshop: Earrings before enrolling.

Instructor: Eri Nagasawa
Eri Nagasawa has been selling her own handcrafted jewelry since 2017. Raised in a family sensitive to traditional Japanese aesthetics evident in tea ceremony and kimono fashion, Nagasawa now enjoys sharing that artistic sensitivity with her students.


  • Nov 8
  • 2:30-4:30pm 
  • Toko Shinoda and Yukiko Maki classrooms
  • Class fee: ¥3,750
  • Cancellation deadline: Oct 30
  • Prices exclude consumption tax.
  • Classes until the end of September 2019 will be subjected to 8% consumption tax.
  • Classes from October 2019 onward will be subjected to 10% consumption tax.