East Asian Squash Championships

Just one month after the Club celebrated 10 years of the TAC Premier Classic squash tournament, the Squash Courts welcome East Asia’s top players for three days of intense competition.

Teams of three men and two women from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau and Taiwan will do battle over three days in this annual tournament.

The round-robin competition is the highest-profile squash event ever staged by the Club.

“As this is the only senior international event in Japan, it is a very important opportunity for players to test their skills against other teams,” says Noriko Kamiya, managing director of the Japan Squash Association.

Although the number of squash courts is declining in Japan, the sport’s popularity among youngsters is growing, according to Kamiya.

“Since Japan’s top players started producing good results in major events, including a bronze medal for the women’s team in last year’s Asian Games, we feel our junior players are becoming more serious,” she says.  

At last year’s East Asian Squash Championships in South Korea, Hong Kong won a record 12th title.

While seating is limited in the courts’ gallery area during the tourney, Members will be able to catch all the action on screens in the Gymnasium.

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