Experiencing the Essence of Japan

Experience the height of elegance at a sado tea ceremony led by a master of the tradition.

Sosho Kobori, whose family has a 400-year history teaching the Enshu style of chanoyu, introduces Members to the rituals of preparing matcha tea at the family house in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.

This Women’s Group-supported cultural event includes a lunch of cha kaiseki, a traditional cuisine based on the tea ceremony, prepared by Michelin-starred restaurant Kaiseki Komuro.

Limited to just 40 guests across two sessions, the ladies-only experience concludes with a sampling of the cosmetics of Sensai, a Japanese luxury brand celebrating the opening of its first store in Japan. Sensai products incorporate Koishimaru silk extract, which is produced in a limited number of areas in Japan.


Sponsored by

SENSAI Cosmetics

A fusion of Japan’s sense of beauty with its mastery of science. 

A respect for the qualities of Japanese philosophy: honouring and working with nature; refinement and integrity; the impulse to offer graceful hospitality.

All this comes together to express a beauty unique to Japan. 

SENSAI is the result of a miraculous combination – when Koishimaru Silk, a rare breed of Japanese silk, historically produced in only the finest environments, inspired the passion of researchers using state-of-the-art science and craftsmanship.

Ever since its debut at Harrods in Knightsbridge, London, SENSAI – a global luxury brand originating in Japan – has mesmerized and resonated with cultivated women across Europe.

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