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Translating Success INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Translating Success

Award-winning author Sayaka Murata talks reaching—and surprising—readers across cultural divides.

"They say I write literary fiction overseas,” says Sayaka Murata. “At an event in New York, someone taught me the term ‘speculative fiction.’ A college student in Iowa called Convenience Store Woman a science-fiction novel.” 

Painting Places INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Painting Places

Set to speak at the Club this month, writer Ray Bartlett talks travel guides, bringing destinations to life and local hospitality in Tanzania.

Forget Facebook updates, blogging or calling home. Good travel writing requires disconnection, according to acclaimed writer Paul Theroux.

Creative Control INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Creative Control

Set to speak at the Club this month, an illustrator behind anime blockbuster Your Name explains why he needed to wipe the slate clean.

Mateusz Urbanowicz knew he had to go for it.

Mastering Shochu INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Mastering Shochu

Set to host a tasting at the Club, shochu expert Christopher Pellegrini explains the appeal of Japan’s hugely popular liquor.

Before Christopher Pellegrini had drained his first glass of shochu at a Tokyo restaurant in 2002, he was hooked. It was new taste territory after years working in Vermont craft beer breweries.