Live Healthy Wellness Program

Your health should be about more than fad diets and detox months.

Newly certified as a level-one Chek Institute holistic lifestyle coach, Club trainer Robert Daoust kicks off Live Healthy, a new comprehensive wellness program focused on improving all the interconnected facets of what truly makes you fit and happy.

Through consultations and feedback, Daoust helps Members locate weaknesses in the areas of nutrition, hydration, sleep, movement, breathing and mindset before implementing solutions that have a cumulative effect.

“You can’t fix anything by fixing just one or two of them,” says Daoust, whose program runs from February 1.

Contact the Fitness Center today to reserve your spot in Daoust’s Live Healthy program.

Book your course of six bimonthly sessions (¥38,880) now and receive a discount of one lesson fee.


  • Ages 13 & above

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