Kids' Hula Dance (Fall)

Kids will be immersed in hula and the unique language, music, literature and stories native to Hawaii at this age-appropriate dance program.

What will I learn in this class?
All children are musical and expressive from birth, and can learn to dance hula given a positively enriched environment. Hula enhances the development of basic skills, focusing on social, emotional, musical, language and motor development.

What are the benefits of this class?
Song is the nucleus of hula study. Without a song there is no hula story to tell. The lesson is filled with native Hawaiian music, from “Aloha E” to “Ipu.” As they experience the music, children move and exercise, further developing important fine and gross motor skills. They learn basic hula steps and exercise leg and core muscles. They practice hand motions that express their story and also work fine muscles in hands and fingers.

Language learning and cultural awareness are important aspects of this program. Perpetuating Hawaiian language, literature stories and legends (new and old) is important to the survival of local history. By reading and listening to these stories children learn important Hawaiian values: respect and love for the land, people and nature and the importance of family and community.

Children are given opportunities to use their imagination in each lesson. Teachers help students relate to each song they dance by asking them open-ended questions that spark the imagination. They are smelling, seeing, smiling, fishing, surfing, dancing and expressing themselves and the story of hula.

Who will teach this class?
Tokyo-native Mito Kobayashi, of Tokyo-based Halau Hula Pa’I Kukui, teaches hula classes for all ages including adults and international schools in the Tokyo area. Mito has been dancing hula and Tahitian for 20 years.  
Hawaii-native Shane Fermantez was raised on the island of Oahu. The name Halau Hula Pa’I Kukui was named after Shane’s grandmother of pure Hawaiian decent. This class occasionally features other instructors.

Ages 4–12 | Sep 4–Dec 11 | Tue | 4:30–5:30pm | 14 classes | Cancel by Sep 4 | ¥52,920

• No class: Oct 9
• Class materials are available for purchase through the instructor
• Prices include 8 percent consumption tax.