Kids’ Hip-Hop (Fall)

Students learn various forms of street dance, with a focus on such core skills as body control, basic dance moves and rhythm and groove.

What will I learn in this class?
Students learn the fundamentals of hip-hop dance, choreography and teamwork.

What are the benefits of this class?
As children adjust to the dance movements and postures, they gain a better sense of their bodies and so benefit from improved confidence and self-esteem. Besides learning a particular type of choreography for a music style, students are coached in freestyling. Since dance is a highly physical activity, class participants see improved flexibility, range of motion, strength, muscle tone, stamina and overall physical health.

Who will teach this class?
Tokyo native Julia McCann, of Tokyo-based dance school TNG Academy, started dancing at the age of 7. A graduate of the International School of the Sacred Heart, she has danced many different styles and is one of choreographers of the G-Splash dance group. Since TNG Academy has various dance style specialists, this class occasionally features other instructors.

Creative Intro to Street Dance | 4–6yrs| Sep 4–Dec 11 | Tue | 4:45–5:30pm | 13 classes | Cancel by Sep 4 | ¥49,140
Young Dancers Street Dance | 7–12yrs | Sep 4–Dec 11 | Tue | 5:35–6:25pm | 13 classes | Cancel by Sep 4 | ¥49,140

• No Class: Oct 2 and Oct 9
• Prices include 8 percent consumption tax.