I Can Tumbling (Winter-Spring)

Students in this mixed-ability class learn basic tumbling skills, such as forward rolls, cartwheels and headstands, as well as jumping and landing skills using the rebounder.

What will I learn in this class?
Budding gymnasts also learn the tuck jump, star jump and full-twist jump-off before progressing to more advanced skills (dive forward rolls, one-hand cartwheels, round-offs, handstands and combinations). Students are also taught how to do a back handspring with support. The goal of this class is to introduce gymnastics in a safe and enjoyable environment. These skills help build confidence and improve motor skills. With the help of our “I Can” spirit and teaching approach, children learn to discover their capabilities.

What are the benefits of this class?
How often do we catch ourselves telling our children that they cannot do something? And how often do we hear our children say they can’t do something? Such attitudes limit opportunities for growth and achievement and give way to excuses for not overcoming and achieving. As children ages 6 to 12 start to compare themselves with others, they become more self-conscious, which can lead to a loss of confidence. This class improves children’s physical strength and agility while boosting confidence. Learning at their own pace, they become disciplined, supportive of other students and ready to take on new challenges by applying an “I Can” attitude.

Who will teach this class?
Lance E Lee, the founder and director of the I Can Gymnastics program, along with one other I Can instructor teach the class.


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