Aikido for Kids (Winter)

Since there are no tournaments in aikido, students do not rely on defeating others in order to improve. Rather, the key to improvement is working together with the partner.

What will my child learn in these classes?
This is one of the primary differences from other martial arts and makes Aikido unique. Students learn to use natural movements, rather than strength, to take their partner’s balance and control how they move. The curriculum, which is based on Aikido World Headquarters-established grading guidelines, focuses on basics while progressing to more difficult variations of the techniques.

What are the benefits of these classes?
With its teachings of discipline, cooperation and respect for others, Aikido is especially beneficial to children. Though the classes are serious they are taught in an enjoyable atmosphere at a pace suited to each individual student. Students are divided into groups, and the instructor for each group works one at a time with each student. This enables the instructors to focus on whatever area of that individual student’s training that needs attention. Students start to practice with one another when they have reached a certain level of experience.

Who will teach these classes?
Classes are taught by Pacific Aikido instructors. The TAC Aikido Club is a registered dojo of the Aikikai Foundation-Aikido World Headquarters under the Pacific Aikido group. With a focus on basics, kids learn Aikido in a disciplined yet fun, English nvironment. Pacific Aikido has been teaching Aikido to children and adults since 1991 and at the Club since 1999.
Classes are open to boys and girls from 5 years old. During the students’ third term of classes, some students are eligible for testing. To be eligible for a test, a student’s behavior, ability, and attendance are assessed. Those students who pass receive a certificate from the Aikido World Headquarters, membership to the World Headquarters, and depending on the rank, a new colored belt.

Pacific Aikido
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Tel/fax: 03-3350-5434 |

Wednesday classes: Jan 11–Mar 22 (No classes on Feb 22, subject to change)
Session fee: ¥28,000 (tax not included, 10 classes)
Observation day: To be decided at the start of the term.

Sunday classes: Jan 8–Mar 19 (No class on Feb 19, subject to change)
Session fee: ¥28,000 (tax not included, 10 classes)
Observation day: To be decided at the start of the term.

10–11am (ages 15 and older, experienced only)
11am–12pm (ages 10–14)
12–1pm (ages 5–9)

4:40–5:40pm (ages 5–8) This is the main class time.
5:40–6:40pm (ages 9 and older)

* The class below will open if the minimum enrollment (6 students) is met.
* 3:40–4:40pm (Younger students)
The ages listed may change slightly depending on the ages of the student s signing up.

** Trial classes: A trial class can be arranged on the first day of each term if there is space available. Please contact Pacific Aikido directly to set that up.
** Uniforms: Can be purchased directly from Pacific Aikido, prices start from ¥6,000.
** Observation days: If you wish to observe a class on a day other than the regularly scheduled observation day, please contact Pacific Aikido and a day for you to come in can easily be arranged.