Kids' Coding (Spring)

Kids use games to learn programming fundamentals, directional skills, math and more.

What will I learn in this class?

  • Tiny Techies
    Kids learn programming fundamentals, directional skills, math and more by playing games and solving puzzles with the programmable Bee-Bot toy and Scratch Jr interactive programming studio.


  • Imagining Animation (Prerequisite: Marvelous Machines and Mechanisms)
    Transform your imagination into digital reality through coding and animation. Building off of coding skills learned in prior classes, students create their own short animation projects based on the games they love in real life.


What are the benefits of this class?
Kids will not only have their curiosity inspired but they will gain valuable experience learning programming and science fundamentals—skills that will prove indispensable in school and beyond.

Who will teach this class?
Saturday Kids instructors, with educational and professional backgrounds in computer science, share their passion for programming and tech with kids and show them how to apply theory and experimentation to make things work.


  • Imagining Animation | 7–9yr | Apr 8-Jun 10 | Thu | 5:30–7pm | 10 classes | Cancel by Apr 8 | ¥51,700
  • Tiny Techies will resume next term


  • Prices include consumption tax
  • Class materials are provided by instructors.
  • Mask required.