TAC Talk: Ainu: My Voice

Learn about the challenges of keeping Japan's ethnic Ainu culture alive at the screening of a fascinating documentary.  

Told through the experiences of Rie Kayano, a mother and traditional Ainu singer, Ainu: My Voice highlights the struggles of this oft-overlooked ethnic minority in Japan and raises questions about the preservation of indigenous cultures across the world.

With the traditions of the Ainu, the original inhabitants of northern Japan, on the wane, what does the future hold for Japan's indigenous group? 

"Be it women or minorities within Japanese society, unless Japan comes to terms with its inherent diversity, it faces the real possibility of irreversible decline," says Member Chuk Besher, the fiIm's executive producer. "I thought Rie’s story is an important one to tell because it helps Japan question its preconceived sense of identity."

This hybrid event is hosted by Besher, who has produced a series of documentaries on women's empowerment titled Future is MINE and has lectured on diversity at the Asiatic Society of Japan.


  • Doors open: 6:30pm
  • ¥1,500 (online attendance: ¥500)
  • Price includes one drink

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