TAC Talk: Scott Haas

Why be happy when you can be so much more?

In his latest book, Why Be Happy? The Japanese Way of Acceptance, American clinical psychologist and award-winning food writer Scott Haas explores the Japanese concept of ukeireru, a cultural imperative loosely translated as “acceptance,” and how it can help you manage everything from stress to critical thinking in your daily life.

“[Ukeireru] is a way of recognizing that there’s a problem but understanding that there are possibilities that can resolve it,” Haas says of the Japanese secret to contentment.

“[Look at it as] more of a challenge than a problem.”

At this hybrid event, Haas joins the Club from his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts to discuss his book, give ukeireru tips and answer questions in a moderated Q&A format. In lieu of book signings, autographed book plates will be included with purchases of Why Be Happy?


  • ¥1,500 (online attendees: ¥500)
  • Guests: ¥1,800
  • Price includes one welcome drink for in-person attendees
  • Copies of Why Be Happy? The Japanese Way of Acceptance available for ¥2,560

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