Todoroki Valley & Kuhonbutsu

Escape into a forested valley just 30 minutes by train from the Club.

Ever feel like life in Tokyo can be a bit constricting? It might have to do with the fact that, by some metrics, parks and gardens constitute less than 8 percent of the city's total footprint (compared to New York's 27 percent and London's 33 percent).

That's what makes this tour to the urban emerald isle of Todoroki Valley a must for every Tokyoite.

On this Connections-organized tour, explore the lush environs of the forested ravine complete with an overgrown canopy, a babbling brook and a rushing waterfall.

After taking in some nature, visit a Japanese garden and Kuhonbutsu, a temple situated in a flowering grove and home to a famous grouping of nine statues of Amida Buddha.

Wrap up the tour with lunch (included in tour fee) at the French restaurant and patisserie KOST.

This tour runs rain or shine.

Attendees are asked to
 dress accordingly. 


  • 8:50am–1:20pm
  • Meeting point: Azabujuban Station
  • Connections members: ¥4,510
  • Non-Connections members and guests: ¥4,950
  • Connections members sign up from Apr 28 (10am)
  • Non-Connections members and guests sign up from May 6 (10am)
  • Adults only
  • Safety measures: temperature checks, mandatory masks and social distancing
  • Prices include consumption tax

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