Aikido for Kids (Fall)

Young students learn the essentials behind this traditional Japanese martial art.

What age can my child start from?
Children from 5 years old are welcome to join our classes. For younger students close to their 5th birthday wishing to join, a trial and assessment class can be arranged if there is a space available.

What will my child learn in these classes?
Our classes are designed for students to reach their full potential by doing enjoyable, basic aikido movements. A structured approach to physical development through a series of fun yet focused body movements will enable your child to progress with a solid foundation of aikido basics. The classes will help your child learn how to move naturally and develop strength, balance and coordination, and having fun in the process.

What are the benefits of these classes?
Children respond well to the balance of discipline and fun, as we focus their energy in a positive, productive direction. At Pacific Aikido, we emphasize respect toward teachers and training partners at all times. Aikido teaches life skills, such as how to work with others and be a productive member of a group. It’s an art form that aids in personal development and confidence building. Children will enjoy the benefits of aikido at home, school, and play as lessons in class become a natural part of their lives.

Who will teach these classes?
The chief instructor is Paul Neuman, a fifth-degree black belt in aikido. Paul has assembled a great team of highly skilled instructors with years of experience teaching children and adults. Pacific Aikido has been teaching Aikido to children and adults since 1991 and at the Club since 1999. The Club's aikido group is a registered dojo of the Aikikai Foundation-Aikido World Headquarters under the Pacific Aikido group.

Pacific Aikido: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 03-3350-5434

Venue: Activity Rooms B1

10–11am (ages 10–14), Elementary/Junior High School
11am–12pm (ages 7–9), Elementary

Sep 6–Dec 13 (No class on Oct 18 & Nov 29, dates subject to change)   
Session fee: ¥36,400 (13 classes)
Observation day: To be decided at the start of the term


3:45–4:30pm (ages 5–7), Younger Elementary
4:30–5:30 pm (ages 8–9), Elementary
5:30–6:30 pm (ages 10-14), Elementary/Junior High School

Sep 2–Dec 16 (No class on Oct 21 & Nov 25, dates subject to change)   
Session fee: ¥39,200 (14 classes)
Observation day: To be decided at the start of the term

**Trial class: Please contact Pacific Aikido directly to arrange a trial class.
**Uniforms: Can be purchased directly from Pacific Aikido, prices start from ¥7,000.
**Observation day: Please check with Pacific Aikido directly for dates.
Aikido to arrange that.


  • Prices exclude consumption tax
  • Mask required