Woodblock Printing

Carve, ink and press your own stunning example of this essential Japanese art.

What will I learn in this class?
Experience the beauty of mokuhanga woodblock printing in this hands-on workshop. Carve your image, ink your woodblock with a variety of hues and transfer onto Japanese washi paper for an eye-catching piece of art unlike any other. This class includes a visit to a woodblock carving tool shop on March 16.

What is the goal of this class?
Explore an art form synonymous with Japanese aesthetics and prized by connoisseurs across the world on your way to finishing a complete woodblock print.

Who teaches this class?
Katsutoshi Yuasa is a mokuhanga artist whose work has appeared in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the New York Public Library and the Cleveland Museum of Art. A graduate of Musashino Art University and the Royal College of Art and a lecturer at Tama Art University, Yuasa’s woodblock prints graced the Frederick Harris Gallery in an exhibition last year.


  • 11am–1pm
  • Toko Shinoda & Yukiko Maki classrooms
  • ¥36,000 (materials fee: ¥18,000)