Piano (Spring)

Students establish a strong rhythmic foundation and solid reading skills while developing their musicality and ability to express themselves through music.

What will I learn in this class?
Beginners learn the fundamentals of the piano through listening, singing and playing. Advanced students build on their foundations by playing pieces from different periods and discussing those compositions. Music is adjusted according to students’ age, experience and needs. Those interested in taking exams or performing in competitions will also learn about mental preparation.

What are the benefits of this class?
Students will improve coordination, concentration and discipline through regular practice of different rhythms, melodies and harmonies. Individual students can set and re-adjust their own goals in these one-on-one classes.

Who will teach this class?
Emy Todoroki-Schwartz is a soloist and chamber pianist. She was an adjunct faculty member at New York University and worked with students of various abilities and ages.

Mana Totsuka is a concert pianist with experience performing in Japan, China, Italy and the US. She trained at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has taken master classes from pianists such as Enrico Elisi, Christina Dahl and Yong Hi Moon.

Mari Terada is an award-winning concert pianist with experience training and performing throughout Europe. She graduated from Essen National Music College in Germany and the École Normale de Musique de Paris in France. She has taught a range of abilities, from preschool to professional.

Rieko Okita is a concert pianist and the director of Okita Piano School. She graduated from Musashino Music College and is a current member of the Pace Method Research Society. She has taught at Yamaha and various international schools in Tokyo, with students advancing to universities focused on music.

Stephanie Alice holds a master’s degree in classical performance and has twelve years of teaching experience. After earning her degree and studying under accomplished European and Australian pianists, Alice began composing and performing her own contemporary arrangements while also encouraging her students to do the same.

Emy Todoroki-Schwartz
4yrs + | Mar 30–Jun 8 | Mon | 3:30–6:30pm | 10 classes | ¥5,000/30 min lesson

Mana Totsuka
4yrs + | Apr 3–Mar 20 | Fri | 3–6:30pm | 10 classes | ¥5,000/30 min lesson
4yrs + | Mar 29–Jun 14 | Sun | 10am–2:30pm | 10 classes | ¥5,000/30 min lesson

Mari Terada
4yrs + | Apr 4–Jun 13 | Sat | 9am–1pm | 10 classes | ¥5,000/30 min lesson

Stephanie Alice
4yrs + | Apr 4-Jun 13 | Sat | 1:30-5pm | 10 classes | ¥5,000/30 min lesson

Rieko Okita
4yrs + | Mar 31–Jun 9 | Tue | 2pm–7pm | 10 classes | ¥5,000/30 min lesson

No Classes

  • Mana Totsuka: May 1(Fri), May 3 (Sun) | Mari Terada: May 2 | Stephanie Alice: May 2 |  Rieko Okita: May 5


  • Prices exclude consumption tax
  • MR1: Music Room 1 (2F)

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