Private Vocal and Guitar (Spring)

This class will improve the skill of each student in either guitar playing or singing, and will enhance their ability to connect emotion with sounds.

What will I learn in this class? (*sign up separately for vocal or guitar)
Vocal: Students learn to use their voices as instruments. Advanced students focus on breathing techniques as well as musical theory.

Guitar: Students develop proper playing posture and fingering and strumming techniques. Lessons also focus on songwriting, harmony, chord progression and scales.

What are the benefits of this class?
Students improve their performance skills in guitar playing or signing. Songwriting also teaches students to connect emotion with sounds.

Who will teach this class?
Yuma Nozaki is a singer-songwriter with years of teaching experience. He graduated from Keio University and spent time as an exchange student at Stanford University. Yuma has taught vocal training at private high schools as well as private guitar lessons. He also has experience teaching children with special needs.

Age: Vocal 4+ or Guitar 6+

Apr 15–Jun 10 | Wed | 3–8pm | 8 classes | ¥5,000/30 min lesson


  • No class: May 6
  • Walk in lesson dates: Jun 17
  • Prices exclude consumption tax
  • MR1 – Music Room 1 (2F)

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