Monster Makeup and Glitter Tattoos

Put the finishing touches on your Halloween costume with a professional makeup treatment.

For the ghastly and ghoulish, the Monster Makeup session is perfect for adding a face full of spooky scars or fake blood to your zombie, vampire or ghost get-up.

If you plan on donning a more extravagant outfit, the Glitter Tattoo station has all the fantastic sparkles you need to make your Disney hero or heroine really stand out.

After you’re all done up in your Halloween best, be sure to show off your stuff and haul in as much candy as you can carry at the Club’s all-day Halloween extravaganza.

Monster Makeup

  • ¥1,000 (guests and walk-ins: ¥1,200)
  • Adults (14 & above): ¥1,500 (guests and walk-ins: ¥1,900)


Glitter Tattoos

  • ¥1,200
  • Guests & walk-ins: ¥1,450

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