Fall Fit Fest

Beach season might be drawing to an end, but that’s no excuse to let your workouts fall by the wayside.

At this Members-only afternoon, keep your summer fitness momentum going with group classes to slim down, bulk up and everything in between.

In between workouts, meet the trainers and instructors for the Club’s fall slate of calorie-burning fitness classes, or check out the special yoga and athleisure apparel exhibition courtesy of Lululemon.

As an added incentive, the first 40 preregistered Members to arrive will take home a free Lululemon yoga mat.

1–1:20pm: Yoga with Lululemon trainer Juri Edwards
1:40–2pm: Zumba with Ichiko
2:10–2:30pm: Olimpyoga with Luiz
2:40–3pm: Bodycombat with Yuko
3:40–4pm: Salsation with Maria

The Studio
1:40–2pm: Bodypump with Yuko
2:10–2:30pm: Grit with Alyson and Ayako
3:10–3:30pm: Bodypump with Wiwik and Ayako
3:40–4pm: Spin with Wiwik

  • This event will be photographed for Club media.

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