Summer Vocabulary Class

Bolster your foundations in mathematics, including elementary algebra, geometry and more.

What will I learn in this class?
Expand your vocabulary through lessons custom by Tokyo Academics. Students learn up to 250 new words used on common standardized tests such as the TOEFL, SSAT, SAT and ACT.

What are the benefits of this class?
Learning vocabulary can often be a dull, repetitive exercise, but this class teaches new words in a dynamic, high energy environment using memorable cartoons and engaging techniques.

Who teaches the class?
Tyler Kusunoki is the director of college admissions and counseling teams at Tokyo Academics. He holds a Master of Education from Columbia Teachers College and has 10 years of experience teaching English, history and mathematics to students across Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong.


  • Session 1
    8–12 yrs | Jun 17–Jul 17 | Mon & Wed | 5–6:30pm | 10 classes | ¥113,400 | Cancel by Jun 14
    8–12 yrs | Jun 15–Jul 13 | Sat | 10–11:30am | 5 classes | ¥56,700 | Cancel by Jun 12


  • Session 2
    8–12 yrs | Jul 29–Aug 28 | Mon & Wed | 5–6:30pm | 10 classes | ¥113,400 | Cancel by Jul 26
    8–12 yrs | Jul 27–Aug 24 | Sat | 10–11:30am | 5 classes | ¥56,700 | Cancel by Jul 24


  • Saturday classes, June 29 in Gordon Suite

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