Baird Beer Dinner

Bryan Baird has no patience for those who think wine is the only beverage that belongs with an exquisite meal.

“Anyone who turns a nose up at the idea of good beer pairing sublimely with good cuisine likely hasn’t consumed much good beer,” Baird says.

Founder of one of Japan’s most influential modern craft breweries, Baird proves his point with six pours of Belgian wheats, robust porters, pale ales and more alongside a six-course CHOP menu including grilled lobster, yellowfin tuna and roasted duck breast.

Baird, who will attend the dinner with members of his brewing team, calls the combination of the Club’s own Traders’ Session IPA and a cast-iron grilled pizza topped with king oyster mushrooms and 24-month-aged parmigiano-reggiano “a beer-pizza pairing conceived in heaven.”

“The hoppy spiciness and spry drying finish of Traders’ Session IPA should dovetail perfectly with the pungent dryness of the parmigiano-reggiano,” Baird says.


  • Limit: two guests per Member

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